Organic Airbrush Tanning

Organic Airbrush Tanning

Organic Airbrush Tanning on Mercer Island, WA

The skin is our biggest organ on our body. If you take care of yourself and eat healthy food and exercise then you don’t want harmful UV rays from tanning beds and you don’t want to be sprayed with chemicals found in most spray tans. The FDA and the CDC both suggest that you avoid using tanning beds in order to prevent developing skin cancer. There really is no such thing as a safe tan from a tanning bed. In addition to the risk of developing skin cancer, exposure to UV rays causes your skin to age prematurely.

The majority of organic airbrush tanning solutions are made from carrot and beat extract which results in orange and unnatural undertones. Our organic formula is derived from organic apples which oxidizes into a golden brown color eliminating the risk of any orange or red coloration. The brown sugar derived from apples gives the skin the most natural looking color. The natural color can be customized for any skin tone. Its long lasting even fading color will keep you golden brown for 7-10 days. In addition to multiple magazine features for beautiful color results, this product was featured on the Doctors TV show as the best airbrush solution to mask cellulite, stretch marks and rosacea.

Our lead technician, Josalyn, is trained and certified in organic airbrush tanning. Josalyn is also a Licensed Massage Therapist at Daniel Ruiz Massage so with her background in anatomy she knows how to optimize her skills to give you that perfect golden tan.

We encourage you to read the before and after care for Airbrush Tanning. These appointments are 20 minutes long and can be booked online.

$ 45.00 full body Organic airbrush tan.
$ 80.00 for 2 x full body Organic airbrush tans (save $10.00)
$ 205.00 for 5-pack full body Organic airbrush tans (save $20.00)
We encourage you to read the before and after care for optimal airbrush tanning results. 

We have online booking for these appointments.  

Before Your Tan
1) Thoroughly exfoliate and shave prior to your tan.
2) Avoid wearing make-up, moisturizers, and deodorant to your appointment, as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the color from developing properly.
3) Wear dark colored, loose fitting clothing and sandals after tanning sessions.
4) Schedule workouts, waxing and manicure/pedicure appointments BEFORE your tanning appointment.

After Your Tan
1) Do not shower, or get wet for 5-7 hours following your appointment. For express solution allow 2-4 hours before showering.
2) After your first shower, moisturize using a paraben-free lotion at least twice daily for a minimum of 1 week. Keeping moisturized ensures an even, flawless fade. Lavish Tan extending moisturizer is recommended.
3) Avoid chlorinated jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms.
4) Limit the amount of intense physical activity for a longer lasting tan.
5) Taking cool short showers and avoiding baths are recommended.
6) Avoid using scrubs and scented body wash.
7) Apply an oil-free sunscreen before sun exposure. Our Organic Airbrush Tan does not contain UV protection.

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